K4Connect’s Staff Assistant Built On Pryon Answers Delivers Knowledge to Caregivers So They Can Spend More Time Caring for Residents and Less Time Finding Answers to Important Questions

RALEIGH, N.C., June 29, 2020—COVID-19 continues to put older adults at unprecedented risk. To improve the lives of seniors by empowering caregivers with answers to important questions, K4Connect, a mission-driven technology company that integrates the best in technology to serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities, is partnering with Pryon, an AI company focused on augmented intelligence for the enterprise, to bring the power of AI to the senior living industry. K4Connect’s Staff Assistant powered by Pryon Answers enables senior living operators to provide each caregiver with an AI assistant that augments their knowledge, helps them make better decisions, and frees time to spend with residents.

“The pandemic has greatly impacted the most vulnerable people—older adults—and those who care for them. It’s also created an environment in which policies and operational practices are changing rapidly,” said Scott Moody, CEO and co-founder of K4Connect. “Our Pryon Answers-based Staff Assistant is designed to enable caregivers to stay up-to-date with the latest COVID data, treatments, regulations and more, so they can deliver the safest, highest quality care to their residents. Our vision is to harness the power of AI to better serve and care for older adults; Pryon is the perfect partner to begin this journey with.”

AI Answers for Caregivers

With K4Connect’s Staff Assistant, caregivers simply ask their AI assistant questions about company policies and procedures, government regulations, and best practices from the latest medical reports and research. To always deliver the best answers, Pryon Answers ingests documents, links, and other data sources selected by senior living operators, then creates a sophisticated AI model based on that information. Operators can update the answers delivered to caregivers by having Pryon Answers ingest new or replacement documents.

“Dedicated caregivers for older adults were already heroes. With COVID-19, these frontline workers have proven to be superhuman,” said Igor Jablokov, CEO of Pryon. “Even so, they are being impacted by the tremendous workloads, risks to their own health, and lack of fast and accurate answers to new and important questions. This is the perfect opportunity for AI to augment people so they can thrive and do their jobs better than ever before. By partnering with K4Connect, I’m proud that our augmented intelligence solution is being used to improve the lives of older adults and the caregivers that look after them.”

The Staff Assistant beta program, slated to run through the end of July, is available to all K4Connect customers currently using its staff tool suite, K4Community Team Hub. Currently, beta users are leveraging Staff Assistant to deliver timely COVID-19 information. Post-beta, K4Connect plans to expand the Staff Assistant solution to encompass more data and capabilities.

For more information about Pryon Answers, send an email to [email protected] or visit pryon.com. To learn more about K4Connect’s technologies, visit K4Connect.com.

About Pryon

Pryon is an AI company focused on augmented intelligence for the enterprise. Its core AI platform enables companies to reimagine knowledge so employees can effortlessly tame data overload, intelligently apply answers and insights to their work, and continuously learn from new data, users, and feedback. Because Pryon believes everyone should benefit from AI, the company has automated many of the processes that require experts, coding, and data preparation so no technical expertise is required. For more information, please visit www.pryon.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @Pryon.

About K4Connect

K4Connect is a mission-driven technology company that integrates the best in technology to serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities, together with the people, communities and organizations that also serve them. We believe the future of senior living is in enabling Smart Senior Living Communities through tech-based solutions that truly impact the lives of older adults, wherever they live. Our premier solution, K4Community, provides smart products and features across Home, Wellness, and Engagement for residents, and Productivity, Building, and Insight for staff and operators.

Based in Raleigh, N.C., K4Connect is currently serving tens of thousands of senior living residents and staff at over 800 continuing care, independent living, assisted living and memory care communities across the nation. For more information, please visit www.K4Connect.com.