Pryon works “out of the box” so innovators can quickly add powerful NLP capabilities to their AI assistant, chatbot, helpdesk, process automation, and search experiences

RALEIGH, N.C., Jan. 26, 2021— Pryon, an artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on enterprise knowledge, today launched a fully automated natural language processing (NLP) platform that allows leading companies to add powerful no-code AI capabilities to key initiatives without professional services or special skills. Pryon’s ease of use allows teams to quickly prototype and deploy NLP projects without significant upfront commitments or planning cycles.

“From the beginning, Pryon has operated under one mandate: automate everything to make AI accessible throughout the enterprise,” said Igor Jablokov, CEO of Pryon, “Significant machine learning breakthroughs from our research and product development teams led to this milestone. Pryon is the first company to deliver a horizontal NLP platform that works ‘out of the box,’ empowering every department to harness AI. This closes the innovation gap between use case requests and implementations.”

This release of Pryon’s AI platform provides state-of-the-art NLP that reads, organizes, and retrieves information. It can process repositories of documents, communications, intranet content, transcripts, and web pages in minutes. It then delivers results to natural language questions through text or voice interactions in an instant.

This is important because today’s AI assistants and chatbots can only respond to a limited set of requests. In addition, search results require too much work by users to find relevant information. Pryon’s AI enables both a better understanding of requests as well as more accurate responses. With Pryon, companies can easily and quickly extend existing assistants and chatbots to answer millions of questions. They can also enhance search capabilities to deliver results from inside source documents along with additional context.

Because Pryon was created for and trained in the enterprise, it offers high out-of-the-box accuracy, efficiency, and speed. These are some of the reasons that companies such as Georgia-Pacific are using Pryon’s platform to build business applications for customers, employees, and partners.

Georgia-Pacific is using Pryon’s NLP platform to provide workers with longtail answers to help streamline access to safety procedures and standards. “Pryon’s AI technology helped us find a better solution to automate and improve accuracy with our safety help desk function,” said Tony Egl, senior director of information technology at Georgia-Pacific. “We continue to look for ways to innovate and improve our safety efforts. Implementing Pryon’s natural language platform makes it easier to access the appropriate safety knowledge when needed.”


Pryon’s fully automated NLP platform is now available as a cloud-based offering for enterprise customers. Please send a message to [email protected] for more information.

About Pryon

Pryon is an artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on enterprise knowledge. Its core natural language processing (NLP) platform extracts data from enterprise content and systems with unmatched accuracy and speed. Because Pryon believes everyone should benefit from AI, the company automated the processes that previously required coding, data preparation, and experts. For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn.