As the use of AI explodes for companies look at new ways to scale and improve critical functions like customer and employee support, new applications for automating knowledge management are hitting more organizations’ radars.

Tools such as chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) can automate the delivery of answers to common questions, serve up content, and remove the stress on humans to manage unwieldy volumes of transactional processes. And when paired with natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and vision-based technologies, these tools can do a deeper dive on content, answering more technical questions and improving accuracy rates.

Pryon uses this approach to deliver answers from enterprise content that are up to 90 percent accurate. And as a no-code platform, you can deploy Pryon in less than a day, easily connect it to all relevant content sources, and begin transforming knowledge management immediately.

AI can streamline many functions and processes, and its use is only limited by your teams’ imaginations. Here are five surprising ways you may not have thought of to deploy Pryon across your business:

1. Simplifying regulatory compliance

Companies are governed by industry and international, federal, state, and municipality and other regulations. Industries as various as education, energy, and finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail must demonstrate that their staff and processes comply with critical requirements. Noncompliance fines cost companies $14M per incident on average. However, other noncompliance costs, such as cleaning up data breaches, can cost far more.

Pryon provides easy access to internally available compliance policies at all times, which may be stored on specialized intranet sites or in process documents and databases. It can also serve up curated and relevant external content, such as relevant passages on regulator websites. Staff can speak or ask questions about regulations and get relevant content within a second. This extends the capabilities of your regulatory compliance team and enables every staff member to review, understand, and meet relevant requirements.

2. Enhancing equipment maintenance

Ensuring high equipment uptime is essential to maintaining the pace of production and reducing quality issues that can lead to returns and lower profitability. In certain industries, preventive maintenance can even save lives.

Despite this reality, the average first-time fix (FTF) rate across industries is just 75 percent. Improving that ratio enables companies to improve customer satisfaction, complete more repairs without hiring new staff, and control costs.

Technicians can use Pryon in the field and on the go to gain complete, context-sensitive information for each visit and capture onsite knowledge related to equipment and sites. For example, if a technician visited a site to perform maintenance on one machine but saw a potential defect on another, he could add that data to Pryon, empowering another repair person to investigate the issue further.

3. Improving cybersecurity awareness and training

Many companies are investing in building cybersecurity cultures, because they know the importance of building employee awareness and training and equipping staff to adopt new behaviors. That’s even more critical now that staff are working remotely, and attackers are targeting users and endpoints. This typically means moving from a once- or twice-yearly training program to one with constant touchpoints. For example, many companies are delivering learning in bite-sized chunks, such as short articles, online quizzes, and more. Since global organizations have self-rated the maturity of their cybersecurity awareness cultures as between 50 and 86 on a 100-point scale, there is obviously work to be done in this arena.

Pryon helps companies improve employee awareness and adoption of key behaviors by increasing use of their cybersecurity knowledge sources and, key to this application, keeping resources updated according to new cybersecurity tactics, techniques and protocols (also referred to as TTPs). Instead of directing staff to an out-of-date Microsoft SharePoint site, you can deploy Pryon to security personnel to search for and easily find information on security policies, training requirements, security operations practices, and more. Pryon takes the guesswork out of equipping staff to use the proper information handling practices and adopting other important risk mitigation approaches.

79 percent of companies who are transformers believe that their AI initiatives are critical to maintaining competitiveness over the next five years.   – Deloitte

4. Managing worker safety

Companies use chemicals for industrial operations, such as agriculture, construction, energy, manufacturing, utilities, and more. Staff need to use safe processes to use these chemicals correctly, store them in the right environment, and transport and dispose of them without harming communities and the environment.

Pryon provides your company’s hazardous materials team with specific, up-to-date information they can use to process, store, and transport toxic materials safely. This includes regulatory information specific to your industry, manufacturer usage and storage conditions, state and municipality landfill requirements, and more. Since more than 400 million tons of hazardous waste are created each year, optimizing these processes could solve a sizeable and costly problem for companies.

5. Streamlining construction projects

Construction management is a complex endeavor. Development companies use numerous contractors and subcontractors to build large-scale projects that can range into the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. Meanwhile, many organizations expand current campuses by standing up new buildings or renovating current facilities. The ability to deliver projects on-time and on-budget is obviously key to maintaining profitability. Despite that reality, 85 percent of projects struggle with cost overruns that average 28 percent.

The Pryon platform enables you to combine critical materials in collections that you can easily search and access in less than a second. You can combine visual plans, contracts, change orders, bills of materials, and more into project-specific content collections. Imagine being able to type or speak a question about a particular project and pull up contracts on the job as you negotiate with subcontractors, to ensure that work is performed to your exact specifications and prior agreements. With real-time access to accurate information, you’ll be able to increase project profitability.

Whatever your industry, it’s likely that your company has troves of internal and external content that can be transformed to help improve productivity and service levels, and reduce costs and time delays. Providing an automated, no-code, low-risk way to apply AI to your organization, Pryon can drastically improve experiences — and your bottom line.