OpenAI’s ChatGPT has brought conversational interaction and generative AI to the forefront of public discourse. ChatGPT’s open-domain AI is essentially a beta experience creating human-like answers to a wide array of public domain queries. Undoubtedly, the application is a massive step in the public’s awareness of, and interaction with, natural language processing.

The enthusiasm for ChatGPT brings a rising tide for the intersection of AI and knowledge management, but ChatGPT is far from perfect. Headlines herald ChatGPT’s seemingly cohesive responses while also highlighting its oft-misguided, objectively wrong, and sometimes toxic answers. The readily usable and engaging tool has many people fantasizing about practical applications and interactions beyond conversational turns and creative queries.

While OpenAI’s open-domain AI may work for consumer content creation and exploration, it is unsuitable for enterprise use cases. Pryon, on the other hand, was purpose-built for the enterprise.

Pryon answers the call for enterprise AI

Founded by the minds behind Amazon’s Alexa and IBM’s Watson, Pryon’s team of AI pioneers recognized a problem impacting enterprises across every industry. We call it Knowledge Friction: the disconnect between critical knowledge and the employees who can’t afford to wait for the right answer, such as customer support agents, engineers, field operations teams, and sales reps.

Pryon creates for the first time a secure Knowledge Fabric from which organizations can immediately unlock answers through natural language queries. Purpose-built for the future of work, the platform was founded on four pillars of responsible enterprise AI:

  • Accuracy: Pryon gives enterprises deep and secure access to their trusted proprietary knowledge, allowing employees and decision-makers to ask questions and get immediate, highly accurate, and actionable responses linked directly to their verifiable content.
  • Scalability: Pryon’s ingestion model consumes content as quickly as it’s produced and digitized. Source content can be updated around the clock with near-instantaneous consumption-to-query-response time.
  • Security: Pryon’s Large Language Models (LLMs) are designed with security and traceability first, minimizing the risk of proprietary data leakage or outside knowledge contaminating results. Users can also create security clearance models around their content to manage employee access. 
  • Speed: Pryon’s secure ingestion models have limitless capacity and can deliver answers across millions of enterprise documents in milliseconds.

Pryon answers the call for an enterprise tool to eliminate Knowledge Friction, revolutionizing decision-making and workplace productivity. Our platform’s Deep Confidential LLMs leverage controls to enable precise, verified knowledge retrieval for enterprise use cases. And unlike OpenAI’s generative tool, which is susceptible to hallucination, our closed domain knowledge platform is extractive, deriving content and answers directly from an organization’s canonical, up-to-date, and secure information sources. 

Pryon is leveraged and trusted today by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in critical environments, including defense, energy, and semiconductor development.

ChatGPT is a chatbot for the world’s public information, while Pryon is the secure knowledge retrieval engine for an enterprise’s trusted, proprietary content.

Public domain vs. enterprise domain content

ChatGPT models train on a wide array of data, including books, public websites like Wikipedia, and social media. Verifying its underlying sources is nearly impossible because it generates responses based on its learned understanding of various forms of data. Retraining ChatGPT with industry or company-specific content has minimal effect as the ingested content will represent only a tiny drop in its ocean of existing training content. 

Conversely, Pryon’s technology automatically and securely ingests specified content and builds a natural language-queryable Knowledge Fabric within minutes. Pryon’s platform allows designated users to ask questions in natural language and receive a verifiable response from source content within milliseconds.

Pryon’s enterprise-specific approach to AI and information ingestion ensures data confidentiality and information accuracy, which sets it apart from generative tools like ChatGPT.

The Pryon solution

Pryon focuses on solving critical challenges for enterprises where real-time access to knowledge has a radical impact on decision-making, workplace productivity, risk removal, and revenue generation.  

Today, Pryon excels at ingesting unstructured content (from application and document sources) containing canonical, high-value, and widely dispersed knowledge. Our platform provides users seamless access to query this knowledge with >90% accuracy and precision. Grounded in our enterprise-specific approach, Pryon brings enterprises to a state of knowledge flow — empowering a Decision Advantage based on inherently secure, trusted, and verifiable information.

To learn more about AI’s role in unlocking enterprise knowledge, check out our on-demand webinar.