Pryon selects Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as its cloud provider to ramp up AI-enhanced knowledge management research and large language model training.

Raleigh, N.C. —November 28, 2023—Pryon, an industry leader in secure, AI knowledge management, today announced its selection of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as its preferred cloud provider for research and model training. With OCI’s high-performance infrastructure, Pryon expects to achieve at least 2x greater productivity compared to its incumbent provider.

“Pryon is the trusted pioneer in bringing AI to knowledge management. Our team has developed integral advancements in conversational interaction (CI), computer vision (CV), and natural language processing (NLP) to anticipate and satisfy the evolving needs of our clients,” says Chris Mahl, Pryon President and COO. “We selected OCI to fuel the pace of our research so we can continue to deliver the standard of innovation the industry has come to expect from Pryon. With OCI’s focus on performance efficiency, we can also maintain our commitment to responsible AI development and supporting ESG goals.”

Pryon’s first-of-its-kind knowledge operating system (OS) uses advanced AI including computer vision and large language models (LLMs) to read and understand organizations’ knowledge content to provide answers to customers’ or employees’ most pressing questions with industry-leading accuracy. Pryon’s enterprise-grade approach to AI helps avoid the risks of hallucination and data exposure associated with other generative tools.

Following Pryon’s recent $100 million Series B investment round, the Company’s selection of OCI as its preferred cloud infrastructure provider for research and training enables the team to further intensify its speed of innovation. With OCI’s compute power efficiency and foundational security measures, Pryon continues to uphold its responsible AI practices. 

“Pryon is developing AI solutions that address real-world challenges and opportunities across a range of industries. We’re excited to see the acceleration of their growth with OCI,” says Greg Pavlik, Senior Vice President, AI and Data Management Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “OCI’s built in, on by default security, superior price-performance, and high availability will assist the Pryon team as they scale up their research and model training capabilities.”

Pryon selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in May 2023. 


About Pryon

Pryon turns hours of searching into moments of clarity that confer decision advantage. Founded in 2017 by the minds behind Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and IBM’s Watson, the Company’s full-stack AI-enhanced knowledge management platform transforms untapped digital assets from multiple sources into solutions that measurably improve outcomes. By weaving trusted content into a knowledge fabric, any user can unlock verifiable answers derived from complex, unstructured data. Pryon’s no-code technology can be deployed in a matter of days and is scalable to meet the advanced needs of multinational entities and the most secure federal government agencies. By reducing the distance between knowledge and people, Pryon fosters a more informed, resilient, and responsive organization.

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