We created Pryon so clients, partners, and staff could have accurate and timely answers at their fingertips — without having to sift through endless folders of internal and external content. Engineers, salespeople, and support staff all use Pryon’s retrieval-based answer engine to enhance productivity, solve problems faster, and deliver results to the bottom line.

But all of that is only possible if Pryon is available wherever and whenever you need it.

That’s why Pryon is excited to announce the launch of our mobile app for iOS. Now, whether at the client site, on the factory floor, or anywhere else, employees can get the trusted, verified answers they need at their fingertips.

The Pryon mobile app in action

The Pryon mobile app gives you convenient on-the-go access to the same collections you can query on your desktop. Just download the app to your iPhone or iPad, log in using your credentials (or use SSO), and you’re ready to ask questions.

The Pryon mobile app allows you to ask a question either by typing or by tapping the microphone button and speaking aloud. Regardless of how you interact with Pryon, the system can understand natural language prompts — no need to worry if you’re using the “correct” keywords. 

Just like the desktop Pryon experience you’re used to, the app provides you with the right answer and allows you look directly at the source, whether it’s a PDF, PowerPoint presentation, Word document, video file, or another digital asset that Pryon has ingested.

When should I use Pryon?

By delivering accurate answers, sourced directly from a host of enterprise content repositories, to even the most complex questions, Pryon can help employees of all stripes feel more confident and connected to their organizations. 

The Pryon mobile app is ideal for many different on-the-go use cases, including: 

  • Customer support reps who want an answer to a customer’s question, quickly
  • Operations teams trying to troubleshoot an asset out in the field
  • Salespeople looking for tech specs while onsite with a prospect 

The app provides information exchange capabilities. Admin workflows, including verifying answers and ingesting new content, will continue to be accessible through the desktop experience. 

Availability and wrap-up

In today’s fast-paced business environment, people need access to trusted information anytime, anywhere — not just when they’re sitting in front of their computers. We’re excited to help Pryon users get the answers they need quickly, conveniently, and accurately.

The Pryon mobile app is available for Pryon customers on the iOS App Store. Enjoy the power of instant information exchange wherever you go.