Nobody wants to get left behind in the race towards digital transformation. That’s why enterprise leaders are under pressure to accelerate productivity and innovation using AI — and many are well on their way. In fact, a 2024 survey from Unisphere Research found that more than half (59%) of enterprises either have an AI solution already in place or are planning to implement one within the next three to twelve months.  

Enterprise leaders have great expectations from AI

Following the generative AI boom of 2023, many organizations have seen the transformational impact that AI can have on a business. The 2024 Survey on Enterprise Information Discovery revealed a long list of benefits enterprise leaders anticipate AI will bring, including: 

  • Faster delivery of content 
  • Improved workflows and workplaces 
  • Greater individual productivity 
  • Cost savings 
  • Faster problem resolution  
  • Greater innovation 
  • Faster time to market 

More than half of today’s enterprises currently have an AI solution in place or are planning to implement one within the next 3-12 months. 

Enterprises need AI to unlock answers from their content

With so much potential value on the table, the question becomes not whether to implement AI, but where to start. When enterprise leaders were asked to identify their main planned use cases for AI, the same survey revealed that the top two priorities involve helping users better understand and get answers from the content scattered across their organizations. 

The top two enterprise AI priorities for 2024 involve helping users better understand and get answers from information scattered across the organization. 

This focus on retrieving and delivering answers from existing content comes as no surprise, since employees lose thousands of productive hours searching for information. Even worse, despite the valuable time and resources put into creating content for salespeople, researchers, operations, and customer support teams, one in five enterprises reports that less than half of their organization’s content is readily available. As a result, users are left sifting through mountains of content only to come up empty-handed.  

Many enterprises are stuck in this cycle of inefficiency that stalls progress and stifles innovation — which is why many are now looking to AI to offer a way out. 

Knowledge AI answers the call

Knowledge AI extracts valuable knowledge from an organization’s existing content and swiftly transforms that knowledge into answers. Using innovative technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), a Knowledge AI platform can read and understand enterprise content like a human would, but at a scale and speed far beyond what is humanly possible. This means no more endless searching through complex systems or wasting time producing content that goes unused. Instead, enterprise teams can rely on a Knowledge AI platform for instant access to reliable answers, precisely when and where they need them.  

Knowledge AI enables organizations to extract useful knowledge from their existing content, instantly providing people with accurate answers.

As enterprises race to keep up with the speed of digital transformation, Knowledge AI can deliver immediate value across all areas of the business. From sales and customer support to operations and R&D, and beyond, Knowledge AI presents a promising opportunity for enterprises that are ready to start unlocking real value from AI.  

To learn more about Knowledge AI and uncover strategies for getting started, download our guide to Unlocking the Value of AI or check out the highlights from our recent webinar with KMWorld.