Pryon in Action

Pryon Powers Digital Human Knowledge and Response 

Fast and Accurate Answers

Pryon delivers a proprietary suite of Deep Confidential Large Language Models (DCLLM) that provide Iris the ability to understand questions, retrieve information from source content, and deliver answers quickly and accurately for any institution. 

Meet Iris:The Digital Human
Powered by Pryon, delivered through Uneeq

Grounded in Your Content

The Pryon AI platform delivers answers exclusively from content you control, linking directly to your trusted sources. By ingesting and modeling content from product overviews, policies, reports, use guides, and other content-rich sources, answers are trusted and grounded in your truth. Out of domain queries can be automatically routed to subject matter experts to fill knowledge gaps and improve tribal knowledge. 

Safe and Secure

Built for the enterprise, Pryon’s SOC2 compliant walled garden AI platform prioritizes security, accuracy, and trust over all else. Your content is secure and the answers your team receives are safely delivered with the highest accuracy and reliability.

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