Accelerate Life Sciences Research with AI-Powered Answers

The Research Answer Engine (RAE) from Pryon and Dell Technologies uses AI to rapidly gather insights from PubMed’s extensive database as well as private research sources, completely transforming how life science researchers do their jobs. 

Insights from public research at the ready

Stop endlessly searching through PubMed to find the right citation, research guidance, or trial data. RAE lets you ask a question, queries millions of information sources, and delivers the right answer in less than a second, pointing you to the source document(s) in case you’d like to gather more context. 

Uncover insights from your own research

Your own research data may contain insights that are even more valuable than the information hidden in MEDLINE and other biomedical literature. That’s why RAE allows researchers to upload their own research, such as clinical trial findings, patient data, and internal unpublished research papers.

Highly accurate and trustworthy

RAE delivers  trustworthy, verifiable, always up-to-date answers, which are critical in a research setting. RAE’s best-in-class retrieval model uses advanced machine learning, computer vision, and optical character recognition to read complex information — even handwritten documents and diagrams — like a human would. RAE never hallucinates, since it only pulls from trusted research content, and delivers over 90% accuracy out of the box (with further improvements over time). 

Scales to fit the varied needs of any 
research enterprise

For many organizations, life sciences research can comprise tens of thousands of voluminous research articles. RAE’s massive storage and compute resources enable it to ingest terabytes of research data — including PDFs, text files, images, video, and more — and transform that data into accurate answers. 

Safe and secure

To ensure private research data and queries remain private, RAE runs entirely on-premises, not in a public cloud environment. RAE comes preloaded with Pryon, a Knowledge AI platform. Pryon’s AI models do not train on your data, so your data remains yours and yours alone. The system additionally ensures security against external parties with a self-contained, SOC 2 Type II-compliant architecture. All running securely on-prem on Dell PowerEdge servers.

Research answer engines can be transformational

“We can’t wait to see how pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and development organizations use the Pryon | Dell Research Answer Engine. With this solution, life science experts can spend less time searching PubMed and internal resources for answers and more time conducting game-changing research.” 

— Alex Long, Head of Strategy, Life Sciences at Dell Technologies

What kinds of questions can I ask the Research Answer Engine?

  • How many subjects were studied for the October 2023 clinical trial for our newest chemotherapy treatment?

  • What’s the difference between pure substances (chemical compounds) and extracts?

  • Is there a correlation between hypothyroidism and patients with T2DM?

  • When is our latest liver cancer drug on schedule for FDA clearance? 

Why use Dell and Pryon’s Research Answer Engine?

RAE helps accelerate the research process by enabling researchers to quickly get answers to their questions directly from trusted sources, such as MEDLINE and private research. Life science researchers no longer need to waste time and energy hunting for valuable information when they could instead be helping develop new treatments.