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(Averages a day to a month)

Challenge: Great search is not a commodity –  search results are too often poor, hard to use or completely broken– making work inefficient and undermining the quality of decisions.

Solution: With advanced NLP, search isn’t based on key words or document popularity – it’s based on an actual understanding of what is in the content and where exactly to find it. With Pryon you can instantly create a fusion search combining several sources into one, create a daily search service for a high value knowledge worker, and even start to attack your largest intranet search challenges.


  • Saves the hour per day knowledge workers waste
  • Enables company wide access to important business information
  • Makes knowledge interactive so you can access on the go/in transit
  • Reveals high value and high utility company content

Interface options:

Pryon Desktop/Mobile Client
Mobile Client, iPad

Common uses:

  • Fusion Search
  • Intranet
  • Search for Analysts & Researchers
  • Site Search

Employees should not have to bounce from tab to tab to get the information they need – and with Fusion Search they don’t have to. Make a collection that combines the websites, knowledge bases or other repositories where the information currently resides. Pryon takes all of the web pages, articles and documents and processes them into one model which you can attach to a new or existing search interface.

Complaining about intranet search is practically a national pastime – but it’s nothing some human experts and an incredibly intelligent AI can’t handle. Decide how to group topics of information and prioritize the collection of documentation based on domains identified. Create domains and test – using a team of subject matter experts to interact with the system training the underlying model on company specific content. Experts will validate correct answers, generate FAQs, and correct content as needed to ensure employees will receive the most relevant information first. Once complete, connect your application (intranet, Sharepoint, etc) to Pryon through a REST API and users will immediately experience the benefits of sophisticated search inside of the same interfaces they use daily.

How to: Search for Analysts & Researchers

Analysts and researchers have more data available to them than they have time to read in order to locate the most important and relevant knowledge. You can create a search specifically for an individual or team focused on data that changes frequently. Just start a collection and connect it to the sources the analyst or researcher usually checks. Set this up to refresh every day or to sync on any schedule necessary.

Want to know how much better your website search would be if it was powered by Pryon Deep Search? There’s an easy way to find out! Create a new collection and add your corporate URL as the source content, ingest and test!


(Averages an hour to a day)

Challenge: Information is everywhere (drives, collaboration channels, documents, communications – even on paper and in peoples’ heads) but it’s hard for employees to find what they need quickly and know if they can rely on it.

Solution: With AI, your customers, employees and partners can get answers to their questions directly – just by asking. Pryon makes it easy for the information that is all around a company to be organized in one place and accessible through direct questioning with no need to build software.


  • Real time monitoring of questions asked
  • Update or add more answers directly or by adding documents
  • Process feedback easily

Interface options:

Pryon Desktop Client
Employee Portal
Slack, Teams

Common uses:

  • Site FAQs
  • Internal Answer Bot
  • Tier 0-1 Customer Support

If your content is FAQs or Q&A Pairs:

(Estimated time One Hour)

If content is already formatted as an FAQ or in Q&A pairs (in a Word Doc, PDF, Excel Spreadsheet or on a web page), create a new collection and point Pryon to those sources. Processing will take about a minute and you can instantly test how well  answers exact questions and natural language query with the same intent.

If your content is documents, web pages, etc.:

(Estimated time One Day)

To create a Q&A service from documents, web pages and other unstructured data – create a collection combining these sources (you can add FAQs and Q&A pairs too of course). Pryon will automatically detect questions and answers. This is also instant, but it may take a day or so to test the content and make sure it is performing the way you need. You have options for configuring the results (number and length of answer, etc.) You can also improve results by adding documents or typing information straight into Pryon.


(Averages a week)

Challenge: Human experts aren’t always available to help their peers. This creates bottlenecks, mistakes and lost opportunities.

Solution: Create a reading, talking virtual assistant that is happy to help and always available. You can build a general purpose assistant with several kinds of knowledge or a virtual expert focused on a single topic – computer repair, equipment maintenance, safety regulations, employee benefits, etc.


  • Reduce mistakes and stoppages 
  • See how employees use information
  • Find and fill content gaps
  • Capture tacit knowledge

Interface options:

Pryon Desktop Client
Employee Portal
Existing bots or applications through our API

Common uses:

  • Field Maintenance
  • Customer Support
  • Retail Floor Extra Expertise
  • Onboarding
  • Internal Helpdesk
  • Policies & Compliance Information

How to: Start a Virtual Assistant Today

There are two approaches to managing the data for a Virtual Assistant:

  • Creating one collection for all the information from all departments

We recommend this if the same individual or team will manage all the feedback and if all the users should have access to all the information.

  • Creating collections for each department (or even each topic within a department)

Choose an approach (you can always change later and combine or divide collections) and create the collection or collections. Have each department test the results in the portal – they usually have the best idea of what users will ask.  For each application, select the relevant collections and add their key tokens to the desired interface through our API.

How to: Start a Virtual Expert Today

The key to success is to have an expert (or experts) involved in selecting the resources – publications, notes, communications, previous case files, websites, etc- usually the same materials the expert relies on. Next have the expert test the most common and important questions and add/fix content that is missing or outdated. Once the human expert is satisfied and the virtual expert is launched, it’s great if the human expert can stay in the loop monitoring use and feedback. This allows good visibility into the needs of users and the value of the project.

We provide live demos to companies building applications such as Automations, Chatbots, Customer Service, Search, and Voice Assistants. We can even show you Pryon working on your data. Let’s get started!

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