Stop spending thousands of hours looking for answers.  

Learn how Knowledge AI offers a revolutionary solution for enterprise productivity in a world overwhelmed with content and information. 



  • Why knowledge friction costs enterprises thousands of hours of productivity

  • Four common approaches to solving the enterprise productivity problem — and why they fall short

  • How to unlock the value of AI and solve your productivity problem with a Knowledge AI platform 

Knowledge friction: The productivity problem that has plagued organizations for decades. 

70% of employees report spending an hour or more searching for a single piece of information.* 

Companies are creating more content and data than ever – but most of it isn’t discoverable. This frustrating disconnect between content creators and content consumers is what we call knowledge friction. And it costs enterprises thousands of hours of productivity.  

*2024 Survey on Information Discovery, Unisphere Research.


Four ways enterprises have tried to solve the problem — and how Knowledge AI can help 

Companies have tried various solutions to generate actionable answers from their existing content, yet the enterprise productivity problem remains. 

Where web search, legacy enterprise search, homegrown solutions, and AI startups all fall short, Knowledge AI is eliminating knowledge friction once and for all.  

Unlock the value of AI with an Enterprise AI Platform

Using cutting-edge technology like natural language processing (NLP) and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), an enterprise Knowledge AI platform swiftly extracts valuable knowledge from existing content, reading it like a human would, and transforming that knowledge into answers for your teams. 

Find out how to unlock the value of AI and solve the enterprise productivity problem for good.


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