How to future-proof customer support with high-ROI AI

DATE: 2022-08-30
Igor Jablokov, CEO, Pryon; Chris Mahl, President and COO, Pryon; Vik Iyer, Senior Content Strategist,

Business leaders know that, especially now, getting value out of current technology investments can deliver major competitive advantages. There is one type of investment that is ubiquitous across enterprises and too often under-utilized, yet holds incredible untapped value — the information assets that form the lifeblood of an organization, such as customer, product and IT support documents, corporate HR and legal policies, cybersecurity and safety practices and procedures. This information is spread across different platforms and in multiple formats — and bringing it all together is the knowledge management problem that has plagued organizations for decades. By not harnessing this content for core business functions like customer and employee support, companies are effectively ‘leaving oil in the ground’.

In this webcast, brought to you by Pryon and CIO magazine, we will explore how AI can transform your business’s knowledge management strategy into intelligent and interactive systems that can triple employee productivity and directly impact customer satisfaction.