About Pryon

Pryon turns hours of searching into moments of clarity. Founded in 2017 by the minds behind Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and IBM’s Watson, Pryon’s full-stack AI knowledge management platform transforms content from multiple sources into verifiable answers. By weaving an organization’s content into a knowledge fabric, any user can unlock trusted answers derived from complex, unstructured data. Pryon’s no-code technology can be deployed in a matter of days and is scalable enough to meet the advanced needs of multinational companies and the most secure federal government agencies. By reducing the distance between people and the knowledge they need, Pryon fosters a more informed, resilient, and responsive organization.

Executive Team

Board of Directors


Igor Jablokov
CEO, Pryon


Chris Mahl
President & COO, Pryon


Kirsten Wolberg


Carolyne LaSala
Good Growth Capital 


Elizabeth Stein
US Innovative Technology Fund


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Check out Vaibhava Goel, Pryon’s VP of Research, at NVIDIA GTC presenting Open-Domain Question-Answering in the Wild

NVIDIA Inception Premier Member badge
NVIDIA Inception Premier Member badge