Webinar — Pryon and Uneeq

DATE: 2023-10-27
Igor Jablokov, Founder and CEO of Pryon, Chris Mahl, President and COO of Pryon, and Danny Tomsett, Founder and CEO of UneeQ

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, organizations need to cut through the clutter and connect their stakeholders with trusted answers. Pryon’s partnership with UneeQ takes knowledge management to the next level — powering conversational AI that connects users with valuable information in an interactive, secure, and straightforward way.

In this webinar you will learn how you can use Pryon and UneeQ to:

Simplify complex processes, enhance conversations, and create exceptional customer experiences with conversational AI.

Share precise information in multiple languages through a digital human avatar, unlocking new opportunities to get users the answers they need when they need them.

Get ahead of the AI curve while prioritizing compliance, cybersecurity, and responsible AI use.