Nahamoo lauded for his distinguished career and leadership in research and deployment of spoken-language technologies

RALEIGH, N.C., July 23, 2020—Dr. David Nahamoo, Chief Technology Officer of Pryon, an AI company focused on augmented intelligence for the enterprise, was named the 2021 James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award winner by IEEE, the leading global organization dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

For nearly a century, IEEE has paid tribute to professionals whose exceptional achievements and outstanding contributions have made a lasting impact on society, technology, and the engineering profession. The James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award was established in 2002 and is bestowed annually upon individuals who make an outstanding contribution to the industry through innovation, leadership, patents, and published research.

“It is an honor to receive such a prestigious award, particularly because James Flanagan was an industry icon as well as a friend and mentor to me,” said Nahamoo. “I hope my work and passion will inspire others to move the field of speech technology forward, the same way Flanagan did for me.”

Dr. Nahamoo is a pioneer in the field of human language technologies and an IBM Fellow. For nearly four decades, he led award-winning teams, most recently as IBM’s Chief Scientist for Conversational Systems and Speech Technologies. He also spearheaded the technical and business strategies for IBM Watson and shaped the company’s efforts in conversational systems.

Today, as CTO of Pryon, Dr. Nahamoo and his team are moving AI and natural language innovation from the research lab to the enterprise market. The company recently announced Pryon Answers, the first commercially available insight engine based on large-scale, pretrained language models that lets anyone easily and quickly create customized, sophisticated, and targeted AI.

Dr. Nahamoo holds more than 90 AI-related patents and has published nearly 100 technical papers in leading scientific journals. He will receive his James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award at a forthcoming IEEE conference in 2021.

About Pryon

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